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Top health benefits of playing golf

Recently uprising within world's sport is Golf. Players any age, social circles and geographics find peace in a good round. Below are the top health benefits shared by many golfers across the world:


Some may question the eyesight of a golfer and if they can really see where their ball is going... Each time you swing, you get the opportunity to evaluate your vision. This is particularly accurate when you're trying to figure out where that little white ball has dissapeared to!


Those who have played rounds of golf have admitted that they've never held it in longer than before! Frequent visits to the club can prove effective muscle strengthening in the thighs and legs. Result!


From swinging, walking and carrying around your clubs you'll find calories burning every minute! A golfer who walks and carries clubs will burn on average 900 calories! Don't worry if you prefer to take the cart from time to time or have somebody to carry your clubs because you can still burn on average 500 calories!


 The word around says that a round of golf keeps the grumps away... Playing a round is said to release endorphins and produce mood-enhancing effects within our brains. Keeping calm and reducing your stress levels is vital in a healthy lifestyle, bottom line, golf makes us happy!


 Any form of excercise will usually get your heart beating fast, by visiting your club and playing a round for even just half an hour can help you lower your blood pressure. Initially, lowering your blood pressure is exceptionally important as this can lead you to less likely to get heart disease.


 Sleeping is one of the most important aspects of maintaining good health, and without sleep our bodies would not be able to function properly. The activity endured on the course can tire you out leading you to be more likely to fall asleep quicker and feel well rested for the next morning, this will also mean no more waking up in the middle of the night!