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Flexible Golf Membership

Freedom Play is a great way to join one of our selected golf clubs. It's the ideal membership if you enjoy belonging to a golf club, but don't play enough to get the most out of a full 5 or 7 day membership.

Three simple steps....


Pay £245 to join our golf club with a compulsary £50 credit bundle.


Book a tee time just like any other member but use our credit timetable to work out how many credits will be deducted from your account. Rounds start from 5 credits.


If you run out of credits then top up using our credit bundle, ranging from £50-£300. The more you buy, the bigger the saving. Your credits only ever expire if you leave the club.

Spend                          Credits
£50                               250
£100                             500
£200                             1050
£300                             1650

Additional credit bundles over and above the compulsary £50.

Pyrford Golf Club is £595.